Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is It Just Human or Defectual?

Feeling a bit insecure. The question I ask myself; is it just me being human or is this a defectual part of my being? For most people I think its human nature, to feel a little insecure, less then, for a moment and then snap back to reality of "Hey I'm a strong, successful, independent women, I'm ok with me"! I am so glad I don't feel this way very often. I think if insecurity is a defectual part of your nature then you would bask in the mind f***ing that comes along with feelings of a victim of life. The poor me. The jealousy that runs paralel to insecurity. The Jealousy that runs parelel to being a victim of life. I guess its all about choices. Each day we wake up we have to ask ourselves, "What am I worth to myself today"? For me, I worth getting up to the birds of spring chriping, to the sun shining, to a long hot shower, clean clothes, fresh coffee and a great job. I get to chat with my friends on my long drive to work, listen to the morning show, come home to a family thats all mine and just live. Thats what its all about, this life thing. Enjoying and soaking up all the good and leaving behind the negative forces of human nature. Moving into a place of love and acceptance for me. Finding the love for myself on the inside. Peaceful.

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