Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is Everyone Birthing Baby Calves?

I know...let me count.....7?? Women who are having babies! Holy Jesus, get the manger ready!! I guess its my age?? Everyone is about at that point in life to have a family. I want one of those! All I can think of these days is, crap, when can I make time to clean my house??? Wedding planning has taken over my life....I dream it, day dream it and do it ALL DAY LONG!!! My gosh....So after the wedding we are going off the Birth I better get my house in order so i feel like I have it together! The simple task of cleaning the house makes me feel so grounded and I won't do your house :-) Really raising a child???...I have this vision of slow days.....gardening with my little girl....having a quiet picnic under the trees with the warm sun on my back....telling her how water makes the earth moist and gives the plants and trees nutrients to grow...then the plant grow and spout leaves and sometimes fruit and then we can eat it....ahhhh....a nice dinner later that evening....I can picture it so back to reality...I have to work, kids have school, sports, arts, there is crying and naughty boys and girls! I think I'll still be long as I get my dream visions occasionally! I laugh heartily.....

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