Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends Make Time for Each Other....Right?

I keep seeing with my friends and people around me take for granted the time that in my opinion should be valued. I find it sad that my "friends" refuse to keep a date, or even make a date? But claim to love me....hmm...or am I just selfish? I don't know. Its such a fine line between being self centered and the issue really being the other persons issue! Damn it, there should be a book on this shit! Is it our culture? Is it because as you grow older you grow apart? Is there an underlying resentment that no one is discussing? I ponder these things and try to make sure I am not harboring and manifesting a tricky little resentment about this. Geez....growing up is sooo hard. I cherish the moments I "want" with my friends, you know the pretty spot of tea you make up in your head, but do I make an effort with them either? This is getting thick! Hold onto you knives and have bite of that doughnut dough baby. Shit :-)

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