Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pain, Calling Myself Out

Yesterday had a few pretty painful moments in it. I really am forced to "let go, let god" about barf.

Maybe my expectations are too high for others and then I'm disappointed when they don't meet them. How to handle that ego doosy? Well, its been my experience that if you can clearly look at a situation, without lying to yourself, and see your part clearly(mine being an extreme lack of compassion for others pain, since my own is more important, duh?), maybe the other persons behavior really has nothing to do with you, and this is your chance to show compassion for the one acting out, the one acting on the pain and not looking within to find the hollow. Damn that one is hard to do! Its much easier, although a lot let satisfying in the end, to be the victim of anothers dramatic proclamations. So I guess that today I will search to my toes for some compassion for people in my life that are so god damn hard to love sometimes. Relationships are worth it. I'm not quiting my friends for nothing but I do want to rant and rave till I feel that love again from behind the rib cage....I'm allowed to be human and bitch a little...its ONLY TEMPORARY, as someone once told me.

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