Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Excitement for the things to come in 2011 and that have been in 2010

Looking back: over the past year I have become overwhelmed with how awesome I really do have it. I mean, a great, flexible job....a beautiful home with my fiance and soom to be step I am so freaking grateful.

I am glad that I don't have to pretend life is good. I am glad by fiance is REALLY awesome. I love to go home and put the music in the kitchen on and live, really live...clean, cook, around. It all feels really nice. Don't get me wrong....there have been alot of growing points in the last year, you know, the ones where we have disgusting and horrable feelings about people and things going on?? ewe. right? you know, the curl up in your closet so you don't hurt anyone?? I'm silly... But overall the year was really nice and it feels good to be growing up and growing into me and to be able to look back on the harder times(i'm being dramatic, because there really were not alot of closet moments, praise jesus) and know that its just LIFE, no big deal....

So christmas is over and I am sooo looking forward: Zoey starting dance class in January, to my wedding dress coming in the mail in my honeymoon to Montego my bridal shower in April....continuing to build relationships with my family and friends involved in the wedding...making babies.....yep....babies to come....we are going to let nature take its course come June....

What an awesome, awesome new year to come! Bring on 2011


  1. So glad you're still keeping up the blog. Love reading it. Makes me feel close to you, though coffee date would be better...

  2. I want a coffe date. ASAP :-) I love you alot.